My prayer to the Lord

Lord Jesus, hear my cries of joy.

Turn your ear to me Lord and listen to the sound of joy as I praise you for your everlasting love.

Hear me father, as I thank you for allowing someone like me to be apart of your family.  Only by your grace and the love you have for each of us do I feel my life has reached the fulfillment in which you wanted.

Do I still have work to do? Yes Lord I do.  Do I still have things to learn and wisdom to grow in?  Yes Lord I do.  But to feel your loving arms and to hear your voice as you lead me and guide me I feel so blessed.

Holy Spirit, open the hearts and minds to those around me who have scuffed your words, give them the want to search out the true so they to may feel the love you have to share.  Use me Lord, let my life be a witness to those who are lost and scared, let them see my past and let them know my present.

You Lord knows which friends will mock and laugh, open their eyes to the life I once lived and let them see the pain I brought to myself, let them feel the loneliness I lived for so long.  And then Lord Jesus; allow then to see the friendship I have with you.  The joy and the love I now feel.

When my eyes were closed I was lost and had nothing, but you pulled the scales away and now I see the path and I have everything.  No longer do I fear the mighty Jordan, no longer do I run from the boiling sea; with you in my life I walk the path alone a calm brook.

Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus