Father GOD, Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel. We come to you in CHRIST JESUS, in Yahshua’s Name, in your Son’s Name, in prayer for your Holy Land Israel. Father, we lift your land and your people up to you for protection, that you bring your Power and Glory, that your Word be made manifest. You know all things, all thoughts, the beginning from the end, all the plans of Satan and his army and his tactics, but you Father are the Almighty who saves HIS people, who has always delivered HIS people, whose Power is greater than any other. You answer your children’s prayers, you are HOLY, you created all of the Heavens and earth, who numbered all the stars, the Ancient of Days, above you is no other. We pray that you bring your warrior Angels in full force to foil the plans of the enemy, that you disable their weapons, that you foil their plans. We pray that you visit each and every member of the UN that has vowed to vote to give away any portion of your Holy Land and change their hearts, give them the fear of you, convict them in their sleep, convict them when they wake up, convict them all of the day. We pray for our enemies, that you save them from Satan’s deception. We pray, any weapon formed against your people and land will not prosper, that they will backfire. Make it know that you are who you say you are and that your word is true. Bring them to repentance Lord GOD. Deliver your land and all of your tribes of Israel, including the Lost Sheep, for HIS Name’s sake. I reason with you Father, show this world who is above all things. For you will not be mocked, your Holy Land and your Children are yours and yours only, you are Mighty to Save, you are perfect in all of your ways. Visit our President, show yourself to him, save our country that was created to Trust You, the United States of America, this too is your land, in Jesus’ name. Your Church was built by your Hand, we are your People and you are our GOD. Let it be so. Amen. Thank you Father for your faithfulness, your will be done on earth as it IS in Heaven. All who click like to this prayer stand in agreement, in Jesus’ name, in Yahshua’s name, in your Son’s name, led by Your Holy Spirit, abiding in you.