Every now and then, I get the feeling that the Lord is impressing upon me to pen a few words.  When He does I like to share them and this is one I hope will touch you.

What prison walls are surrounding you today?  Is it the mortar of greed or the blocks of lust; could the wood frames of guilt and the metal beams of lies be holding you back from enjoying this day that the Lord has given us?

My brothers and sisters, our Lord Jesus doesn’t wish for us to suffer in shame nor sin.  He can break the bars of your prison walls, He can tear down barrier we are hiding behind and He can instill that joy you once had.

You are not alone, your dark den is not the only cell, I too was once bound and chained to my sins.  Each day the links I forged grew larger as the chain grew shorter pulling me closer to the wall of shame.

Then one day what seemed to be just as the same, a small sliver of light shined in and as I wanted it closer to me it grew and filled my soul with warmth and joy.  Soon those chains were cast off and the wall of sin was torn down.

Yes as each day passes, I still find myself placing the bricks back in place, Satan handing me each stone, but now from inside, I have the light of joy and the hammer of His word to keep the wall from growing.

Brothers and sisters, there is no prison wall to tall or to strong that can keep our Lord from casting His light unto you.  All you have to do is ask, call out to him who is the light of the world.