Each beat of the heart is like a clock counting down, its beating for you but what’s “the count?” could it be 1,000,000,000,000? or could it be a lot lower for you than you currently think?

a good friend of mine just told me a story of how his friend’s wife came to visit because her husband was going “bow hunting” or so he thought

his wife got a horrible, horrible phone call, “mam, your husband’s been in a wreck and has passed away”

he was driving out to the place he had so many “bow seasons”….but this time…..

a car rear ended him at a high rate of speed never hitting the breaks and pushed the man off a deep hill

I’m SURE that morning as he was getting ready his thoughts were not even that this was his last day

instead I reckon he was dreaming of the 10 point buck he hoped to see, in his mind he would have told you he had millions of heart beat’s left, or at least hoped…. but in reality it was more like 10, 9, 8….

right now your heart’s beating ….”what do you think your countdown number is?” “you know you have one right??”

If it were to hit ZERO …..Are You ready for what’s NEXT?

what is next??? …..The Bible says we all have an appointment at the Judgement seat of Our Creator, “its appointed unto man once to die than face judgement”

do you know what you will say?? have you even given it much thought?

The Number one selling book of all time tells us “today is the day of salvation” “now is the time for you to “stop and think”…..

“but I don’t believe in a god” you say

are you sure about that?? or are you lying to yourself? God’s word says “a fool says in his heart that ..”there is no god”…..meaning it takes “lying to yourself” or working really hard to live like there is no god


Ya get up in the middle of night…You walk into Your Living Room….there is brand new furniture …Tv, love seat, couch, end tables, carpet, paint …all stylishly set in place..way beyond your skills

would it not be logical to ask “Who did this?” Did all that EVOLVE in the room?

So you start to inquire…Who Put this here?

And so should it be that each and every day as you wake up and see this world, the sunrise, the grass the trees ..the many many gazillion things that are lined up shouting to You that SOMEONE put all those things Here AND shouts for You to ask this following question

who Put You and I here?

2,000 years ago that questioned was answered LOUDLY……He came to this earth, He performed many documented miracles…..He proclaimed that He would be killed and that He would prove that His message was authentic by rising from the grave

true to His word, He was arrested, sentenced to death…..Crucified…..put into a tomb, an armed guard stood graveside wanting to prevent what had been promised

YET, three days after His Crucifixion ……He Rose from the Grave

He was seen by over 500 witnesses ….most of whom gave their lives for their testimony of witnessing Him alive

now 2,000 years after that fact …His Name is trumpeted throughout the earth as God Almighty and He is knocking on your heart this night……”tick, tock”…..”tick tock”….the clock’s ticking ….

as the commercial ask “what’s your number?”

The God of all Creation …who made heaven and earth and EVEN took “time” to make You… is waiting for You to recognize Your Need for Him

Ya see, each and every beat of your heart is a gift…..Your Life is in His Hands…….

right now your heart’s beating but again I ask you….”what do you think your countdown number is?” Don’t assume any longer that you have more time than you might think….

I ask You to “stop and think” and then take another step…..”BELIEVE” Upon the One who Died and Rose again and Cry Out to Him and ask for Him to “Save You” and “give You Eternal Life”

If your sincere, You will confess Your Faith Publicly and You will “turn from the path your on and turn toward a Life that Follows Jesus Christ and His commands and promises for You”

I pray You do so quickly …..cause the clock is ticking