The TV, Radio, newspaper or on the web, you can’t read, listen or watch anything now days without seeing the rumbling and rattling of swords around the world.

Over two thousand years ago people were told and they wrote down what they heard; That times like we are having now would be the signs that the All Mighty God, the Creator of all things would send His son Jesus back into the clouds to call us home.  If you are reading this then I have to assume you know who us is.  If you don’t or your not for sure 100%.  Ask me.

Many have called the 50’s as the best of times… Which for those living across america it was.  People felt secure, you could get a good job start a family and live the american dream.  

Now many might find me odd when I say “I love the time we are living right now as the best.”  If you are a child of God, if you have given your heart over to the Lord and have asked Jesus into your life then you and I no longer belong to this world.  There is nothing that can harm us or keep us from the arms of Jesus.  We might get mugged and die tonight or Jesus could stand over the world and shout “Come up here”, no matter what, we are assured by the word of God that we belong to Him.

The rumbling of wars, the money troubles of all nations are just like the pains before the birth of a child.  Let not the troubling times worry you, think of tomorrow and the joy we will have walking the streets of gold and listening first hand to the Father of ALL things.

Many fear Jesus return because they want to see their children or grandchildren grow, what better reason then to talk to them about Jesus.  Plant that seed of trust and hope into their lives so when that minute comes and the trumpet sounds, you and your family will raise together into the Heavenly bounds.