Come Join the Army of God

A picture if you allow me; to draw in your mind of soldiers in the Army of God.
Now I am not the painter of this piece of art for only God himself could paint a picture of such warmth and beauty.
I am but one of his messengers who has been brought out from the shadows by His blood. For I too once walked the dark nights in search of warmth of His fire.
As I recall, it was the sparks I saw through the forest as He stirred the fire. A spark rising up over the trees, that landed on my heart and without pain, burnt a hole into my soul so deep that I had nothing left to do but repent and ask for forgiveness.
It was the warmth of His fire that allowed me to pour out my guilt and ask that He would keep me safe from the darkness in which I came.
The thick framed canvass you see is filled with shades of many dark colors as the day is giving way to night.
A picture, maybe of a small group of men standing on a hillside next to a fire, a picture of soldiers; their golden shields marked with battle scares in hand as their iron lay at their sides. The polished helmets, now filled with dents lay at their feet as they look out past the trees, the lakes and across the valleys floor.
The Lord is the fire tender tonight, He pokes the fire to stir up the sparks we see breaking the midnight skies.
This fire has been burning for thousands of years, never surrendering to the storms. His fire shares the warmth of love for all men. It summons all men but strangely only a few come forth to stand by the glow.
Throughout history, man has chosen the darkness to live so that their sins might be hidden. The darkness gave man a feeling of strength and power but one day this same darkness that man has chosen will engulf them where even His light will not go.
Come to the fire now before it is too late. Come feel His warmth, let His flames heat the iron of your sword, and let the light melt the cold dark shadows away from your shield and your helmet. Come my brother and join His army, be a part of the army of God.
Looking at the storm clouds building, knowing one day soon the storm of death will cover the land they once held dear.
Men, who once plowed the fields, tended the sheep and cattle now called to be warriors for the coming battle. They heard their King call out, “Take up your sword and follow me”
These few men, who turned away from the world, their names could be Bill, Joe, Terry or Tim. They might be single or have a family waiting at home but still, they laid down their plows and took up the iron.
Look into the faces of these mighty warriors; you might see scars of ridicule and the marks of shame which this world has placed on them. But look into their eyes and you will see the reflection of hope and joy; the reflection of a cross.
The storm clouds are growing, the world is looking to drive these soldiers out, and the world looks to replace the warmth of His fire with lust, evil and shame.
Look to His painting; soon you will sense a slight breeze as the base of the fire turns from a dull red to a bright yellow. He is calling once more; Is He is calling your name. Is He is calling out to you to come join the fight, come be a part of His army.
Be quick and don’t waver, lay your hammer down and come follow Him. Come stand next to these mighty warriors who have from the day of the cross carried His sword of truth, his shield of righteousness, and the helmet of salvation.
Come be a part of the few who through His blood will be found worthy. Don’t wait and let the dark storm clouds fill your view, don’t let the evil that walks the night take your eternal life, Don’t allow this world to fill your mind with the lie’s of man.
Take up His banner, There is but one way; one path to this fire, it may not be the easiest path but it is the one true way.
There is room for one more soldier at His fire and He is calling you.
JC Watt