Dear Maybe,

I would like to think I would write this letter today as I have often pondered it for so long. But as with many things, you get in the way and I find myself turning left at the crossroads instead of making a right. Maybe tomorrow I will turn right, or maybe next time I will head straight.
Maybe, you have always been there for me as an avenue to my excuses and laziness. You ability to show up at the right time has caused me to keep you around for years. Maybe I will shut you out next time? Or maybe not.

I recall there being a time many years ago when I was much younger and thankful you were not so strong. I remember hearing about this man Jesus and what he did for me and who he was. I remember like it was yesterday as I was told to accept in my heart, my body and soul, and believe in Jesus, have faith in all He does, trust Him in everything.
As the day is long and the night is dark, that day Mr. Maybe you were not around and I am so thankful.
I accepted the Lord that day. I didn’t need you there to give me a choice, I didn’t need another path to follow I needed Jesus.

But today, maybe because I am growing old, I welcome you into my life much more than I alt to. I know sometimes you are there in a good way but so often you are there as a tool for satan. He places you there so I will have an easier path around something that I needed to do for the Lord.
You are lucky Mr. Maybe, I serve a loving God that He leads me but allows me to make my choice. So many times it’s the wrong choice and He has to pull me out of the pit I have dug myself in but He is there to wipe my tears, set me back on the right path and to tell me I’ll do better next time.

So often is the case when you show up. The door to share the Lord with others will open and you pop up just in time to show me another door and excuses why I should take your door.

Well maybe… maybe I have grown tired of being used by you, maybe I will place you out back and only open that door when Jesus knocks.

I hear you now, “It will be OK, maybe with a little time” or maybe I am allowing Jesus to work through me.

Hey I finally wrote this letter.