We as Believers in Christ should be crying out for repentance but also for our Father to use us for His glory. Each morning we should be shouting out “Use me Lord, show me where you want me today” Our task, His commandment is for us to tell and teach others about Jesus it is not about saving this country from its sinful way.
Yes it is wonderful living in a country where we have the freedoms to share His word but why should we be any different than the early Christians or those who live in a third world country. Should we say, “Lord I will go and tell others if you bless me with a roof over my head or clothes on my back?” Should we expect payment from the Lord for doing what he tells us to do? I have never read anywhere where Jesus said, “If you go out into this world and preach my name, I will give you a good job and a wonderful family.”
Our comfort should come from the love we get from Him, it should come from the satisfaction that He gave us a mouth to speak, legs to walk and eyes to see. Hear me when I say, I enjoy living in the USA, but I hope that if His job for me was to move to Bangladesh or TJ Mexico, I would go with an open mind and joyful heart because I am doing His work. Let those who follow satan take over this country, at least that will allow me to see who truly needs His word.

Just thinking outloud.