If you are a child of God, if you have given your life to Jesus than you can relate to this statement. “What a mighty God we serve.” As His children, know that God is the creature of ALL things; He formed and knew us before this world was formed and His love for us has never diminished one bit.

If you have not on a personal basis, asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins, asked Him to come dwell in your heart, to lead you and show you His glory, then you are missing the greatest joy a person could ever experiences. Your hope is on luck, your pain is self govern and as you take your last breath, your life’s joy will be snuffed out and replaced by far greater pain and agony than you have ever seen or felt. I highly recommend you stop reading, and take the time to seek Him.
Now don’t think that just because you attend a church, give money or because you are a good person you will get into Heaven, that ain’t going to happen. You yourself, not your mom or dad, not your wife or husband can pray you into heaven. You have to ask yourself.

Getting back to what a mighty God we serve, God is in control. Sometimes it seems as if He has forgotten us, sometimes it feels as if He doesn’t care but He does. If He didn’t, if He for just one moment forgot about us, we would destroy ourselves by the sin and hate we truly have for one other. “Hate” I don’t hate anyone, you might be saying, but let the Holy Spirit leave for just a minute or two and let the real us take over, you will see how sinful we really are.
Greed has been breed into us for thousands of years, Self has become the main topic in our lives and the only reason we don’t crack the mirror is because the Holy Spirit is keeping satan and his powers from stepping out from the dark.
Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you felt anger, or ill towards someone else. Maybe they couldn’t sing as well as you but they got picked to sing a song, maybe their family don’t live as good as you or they seem to have everything. Self-greed may at times be a small pebble at times but it is still there and only with the help of the Holy Spirit can it be controlled.

Yes we serve a mighty God, He watches over us and protects us from ourselves. He shows us the right path to take and encourages us to follow Him but also allowing us to make that final decision. He gives us free will and blesses us when we stay with him in our walk but He also corrects us when we fail.
Our loving God will never abandon us once we are His, once a person turns their life over to Him, they will not be disowned, no one or not one thing can take us away from Him, but…. We can disappoint Him, we can try running from Him but the lonely pain we will feel will pull us back into His arms.

We serve a mighty God, who loves us greatly. Take some time today to thank Him for His glory, His love and His promise. You will find His love is overflowing.