Now I’m not date setting or even hinting towards that, I’m just announcing that 2015 is here and the start of a new calendar year.

Looking back at 2014, I could see the Lord working hard in my life either through me of around me.  He was there to give me wisdom and strength when I needed it, He humbled me and set me straight when I strayed off course and His love was the beam I leaned on through the pain and glory that filled 2014.

2014 brought the start-up of my new business JC’s Forest & Land Management LLC, the Lord and I had many hours of talking before I dropped the hammer on this adventure.  Only by His guidance did I proceed.  From day one in the thought process I knew if I went it alone, I’d fail.  But each day I asked for His leadership and guidance to help me make the right choices and things started falling into place.  He placed key people in my path to open doors and He gave me the means to step forward.
Starting a new business now days if tough.  Government regs and requirements are almost impossible to overcome unless you cheat and lie or you have the Lord on your side.  I am very thankful I have the Lord.

2014 was a sad year, at the church I attend, some felt the preacher needed to go so they forced his hand to leave.  Bro Tim was a very good teacher preacher and he taught God’s word.  But some felt growth and numbers are more important so out with the old and in with the new.  2015 will probably see my wife and I under the guidance of the Holy Spirit seeking a new home church were God’s word is studied and preached.  Not mans word.

As we step each day through 2015, I feel and see this world really going to pot.  Lately I have been reading back through the world events from about 1900 to present and yes the world has alway seen earthquakes and storms, yes there was always been wars and rumors of wars and sickness and illness have taken millions of lives, but back before say the 1960’s God was the focus point in most people’s eyes.  Even the bad guys had a moral compass that they didn’t cross.   Sure there were the few that was just plain sick in the head and followed satan to a tee but for the most part, sin and hated was hidden in the closet because the light shined bright back then.
Now days, the closet door has been ripped from its hinges and like the time of Moses and Lot, darkness and sin is filling every void, God’s children are being forced to summit to accepting evil or be branded a hater of mankind.
Jesus told us these days would come just like He told us men would rather follow mans ways not Gods way.

Now days we have both men and women standing in the pulpit for their own lust and the lust of money.  Those setting in the pews are told that “If you love God, than follow us, never mind what is written in the bible or here is a new bible for the modern times.”

I am so thankful that our Lord and Savior is still in control and not me.  So often I forget I was once like them, basking in the worldly sins.  But only because His love for me saved me.  But if left up to me, I’d find my love short for those who hate the light.

What does 2015 hold?  Guess we can only guess and we can rest assure God knows and He is still in control.