Excerpts from Catherine Booth A Warrior for Christ


Let me put a practical question here. How many are there here who have comprehended the task? How many are there to whom the Spirit of God has said in unmistakable language, “Come out from amongst the ungodly or the half-hearted, and be separate, and I will touch your lips with a live coal from off my altar, and will make you fishers of men?” Did you embrace the mission? Have you gone forth following your Master, carrying His cross and seeking the souls of men? If not, what will you say to Him in the great day of account?

Further, in looking at the requirements of the King, and at the history of the early apostles and disciples, I charge it on modern Christianity, that its professors do not even comprehend the first principles of this warfare, much less do they set themselves to carry it on to the ends of the earth.

The service rendered to the King and to the kingdom in these days is, alas, with few exceptions, of a very milk-and-watery type, of a very short-weight character, and the great effort of the majority of its teachers, judging from their writings, and from what we see and know of their public services and of their private lives, seems to be intended to make things comfortable all round. “Peace, peace,” is the continual cry, when there is no peace. As one of the bishops said a little while ago, “We hear a great deal about Church defense; we ought to be hearing about Church aggression.” Yes, alas! in the great mass of instances when these modern Christians do fight, it is over opinions and ceremonies with their own children, inside their own walls, instead of with the enemy outside. They are far more valiant in defending. some ceremonial of the Church, than they are in defending the cross of Christ in the presence of its adversaries. They are far more concerned in propagating their “ism” than the kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Alas, that it should be so; but such is the fact, and it is patent to every enlightened observer.

Jesus Christ did not call us to fight each other, but He called us to present one bold front to the enemy. He bade us go and take captive the hearts and souls of men, and not merely to change their opinions. Get a man’s heart right, and his opinions will soon follow. But you may be tinkering at his intellect till the hour of his death, and he will not be a whit nearer heaven, but perchance nearer hell, than if he had been left alone.

Further, these modern Christians, as a rule, do not see any NEED for the fight.

How many professing Christians are there of this day who would go through the city of London in any attire, or with any kind of badge, that said to men and women, “I am a saint and a soldier of Jesus Christ?” And yet the soldiers of the queen are proud to do this in an enemy’s country! I repeat, who is there that dare do it for Christ