In a way it is funny how the Lord will bring a person back to their beginnings so they can regroup, reorganize, and get ready to make the next big jump in life.  My beginnings meaning this blog before Facebook, tweeter and all the other social media out there.

For a while I got caught up in the media world to the point where it was consuming all my time.  Had to check and post at least every half hour to make sure I was in tune with my friends and family.

Luckily,  the Lord sent someone and as painful as it was, I had to get off Facebook because I wasn’t obeying their polices.

Since that time, I have jumped head first back into His word and have spent more time writing my Sunday messages with more knowledge and meaning.

Thank you Lord.

As for the new beginning, over two years ago, I started standing in the pulpit, filling in as need be, which was a eye opener and a job I would have never ever thought I would do.

Knowing the Lord is one thing, working for Him in different ways is one thing, but to stand up in front of His sheep and share His word is a whole different animal.   It has been fun, scary,  fulfilling but above all, a blessing.

Just over a year ago, I became the intern at New Trace Baptist Church.  A very small country church with good old country folks who are a lot of fun and full of love.

A few months ago, they licensed me, and asked that I become Ordained.  WOW!!!!

Ordained?  Me… I’m just a laymen who loves talking about the Lord, I didn’t go to collage, I’m no bible expert, my words, are not shinny or powerful like most preachers.  Who was I to be ordained?

After fighting with this for awhile, talking to a good Iron friend (Tim Cameron) and listening as the Lord talking to me which finally having to shout at me, His message came clear.  You are nobody to the world but to me, you are someone I can use.

Like Moses, I couldn’t speak but He could.

So………..  On June 11th, Preachers and Pastors from around my area will come and ask me questions and get a feel for my calling.  After, they will present me to the church which will call and vote.

I am no longer scared and welcome the inquirer, as I truly feel in my heart, body and spirit that the Lord will give me the answers they seek.

If you happen to be reading this, you are someone I bet I call friend.  I thank you for your words of encouragement, prayers and comfort through the years, and ask you continue as I cast off the mooring lines of this ship and set sail for unknown places the Lord has for me.